Welcome to the waste.

Waste Product is a newsletter with a narrative. Its written material (“content”) consists of essays and articles about film, crime, trash, and other important topics. Some of this content can be classified as “criticism.” The subject matter is dictated by the author’s whims. War, disease, and secrecy promise to be recurring themes.

Two to four long, research-intensive pieces will be published every month in addition to a multipart serial. The first monthly series, “American Empire,” examines the labyrinthine history of the Chicago Outfit, the closest thing to a true criminal empire to ever exist in these United States.

Other upcoming pieces deal with such subjects as bombing footage, combustible plastics, optical illusions, the FBI, the history of the handheld camera, and the phenomenon known as cinematic neurosis. Prominent figures in both JFK and Jack the Ripper conspiracy theory circles will appear in the supporting cast.

Waste Product is written by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky. About half of its content will only be available to its paid subscribers. Please consider signing up for a paid subscription. It’s cheap.